Charles Czerwiein IV- President/CEO
Our journey began over 17 years ago in the New England area.  A young field technician, Charles Czerwein IV, began his career in the industry and has since then flourished.
A career which blossoms and flourishes over the years requires the following:
Exceptional Customer Service
Above are our keys to success and the services we will be providing to all  of our clientele.  Being extraordinary is not an option, it is Imaginary Planet’s way of life!

Charles began his career in the industry as a Field Technician for a firm in the New England area.  His primary focus was IT cabling infrastructure and cable management.  His work is second to none and is recognized by all clientele after completion.  Over the years he has expanded in the AV, Security, and Wireless sectors.  Charles has traveled on a national level to assist in wireless deployments and acquisitions.

His attention to detail on projects is extraordinary.  Our final product displays our dedication and passion in this industry.

Wherever there is a problem, we will have a solution!

Please explore our website and see the photos which are a representation of our work.
“We are committed to providing exceptional service to all residential, small business, commercial, and industrial markets.  We have provided our services primarily in the New England are and are expanding to a National level!”

Jessica Janczak- Vice President of Operations

Jessica Janczak joined the Imaginary Planet team in November 2017.  She brings us years of experience in Project Management and Customer service.
Jessica’s mission is to provide phenomenal customer service to all clientele, while delivered all products and services in an efficient and timely manner!
She is extremely passionate about her mission and with her years of experience she is a game changer in the industry.
Jessica began her career in the industry at an American Telecommunications conglomerate who is the largest broadcasting and cable television company in the world by revenue.  During her five year tenure she provided customer service, technical support, and sales to residential and commercial clients.  She also proposed a service change model to alert customers of changes on their account by via email and or mail, which would in turn decrease escalations and the call volume.  This service change model was implemented into the business and assisted the corporation in providing exceptional customer service.  During her tenure, Jessica also attended Towson University.  She graduated in December 2010 with a Bachelors in Science- Business Administration with a track in Management.
She then transitioned to a global marketing service firm specializing in multi-channel customer interaction; which involved manipulating data for large corporations and delivering large campaigns in an efficient and effective manner.  Mrs. Janczak then moved onto a privately held integrator where she provided project management and support to various customers on a National Level.  She was very successful, quickly rising from a Project Coordinator to Project Manager!  Within a twelve month period she had increased her profit margin from 27% to 31%; and her revenue $417k to $742k.
“With hard work and dedication we will not only be your service provider, but will be your trusted partner!  When you are successful, we are successful!” – Jessica Janczak